ICE provides local police a way to work around ‘sanctuary’ policies, act as immigration officers

Sheriff’s offices and police departments in jurisdictions that provide “sanctuary” to undocumented immigrants will have a new way to work with federal authorities to detain and deport them, immigration authorities said Monday.

The new Warrant Service Officer program, introduced Monday in Pinellas County on Florida’s Gulf Coast, will allow participating sheriffs and police departments “the flexibility to make immigration arrests,” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Immigrant rights groups file legal challenge to Trump asylum policy

Immigrant rights groups on Thursday filed a legal challenge to a ruling by Attorney General William Barr that states that asylum-seekers who can demonstrate “credible fear” and are then placed in deportation proceedings will not be eligible for bond.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Immigration Council, and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project amended a previous lawsuit to object to the new policy. They said in the class-action suit that the ruling violates the Due Process Clause, the Immigration and Nationality Act and the Administrative Procedure Act.

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Questionable DHS Visa Overstay Reports Used For Immigration Crackdown

Trump administration officials are using questionable conclusions from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) visa overstay reports to justify new immigration restrictions on international students, temporary workers and visitors. Moreover, the administration plans to move forward with new restrictive measures against international students even though an analysis of DHS data shows the percentage of alleged overstays among such students has declined significantly.

On April 22, 2019, a presidential memorandum on “Combatting High Nonimmigrant Overstay Rates” was issued that cites data from a DHS FY 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report and states, “The Secretary of State shall engage with the governments of countries with a total overstay rate greater than 10% in the combined B-1 and B-2 nonimmigrant visa category based on the Department of Homeland Security Fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report.” The Secretary of State is to report back in 120 days to recommend likely business and tourist visa restrictions against the countries, the vast majority of which are African nations, such as Chad and Nigeria.

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Supreme Court Immigration Case Could Be Bad For Business

The U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear a case (Kansas v. Garcia) that legal analysts warn may empower state and local prosecutors with political ambitions to go after businesses on immigration grounds. A decision in favor of Kansas may open the floodgates to legal actions against restaurants, landscapers, factories and construction firms, putting businesses at great risk even if under federal law they did not knowingly hire someone without work authorization.

Would a decision in favor of Kansas make it easier for zealous prosecutors to investigate the hiring of unauthorized immigrants at Trump properties or any other business more associated with either political party? To better understand the case and its implications, I interviewed Paul W. Hughes, a partner in Mayer Brown’s Supreme Court & Appellate practice in Washington, D.C.

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Want to save Social Security? Let in more immigrants.

The federal government barely avoided dipping into its savings accounts last year to help pay Social Security benefits to millions of Americans.

Economists had warned last year that — for the first time in decades — the Social Security Administration would not bring in enough money from payroll taxes and investment income to cover all the disability and retirement checks it owed to millions of Americans. Instead, the agency would need to start taking money from two savings funds: one for the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance program (a.k.a. Social Security) and one for the Disability Insurance program.

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Why Immigrants, Students And U.S. Companies Are Going To Canada

“Oh, Canada” is a refrain more U.S. companies, high-skilled foreign nationals and international students are listening to in response to more restrictive immigration policies in the United States.

The Trump administration has made it more difficult for international students to stay or work in America and new international student enrollment at U.S. universities declined over 6% in the 2017/2018 academic year, while Canadian universities are attracting international students at record levels. The number of international students in Canada increased 16% in 2018, after rising 20% in 2017.

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